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【grand summoners】Asirpa review & best equipment





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Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Asirpa stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 887
+ 313
+ 364

Ainu girl

HP120 natural recovery・Arts gauge 2 natural rise

Freezing resistance Lv10

Freezing time reduction rate 100% UP, Freezing avoidance rate 100% UP

Hit rate Lv2

Hit rate 20% UP

Awakening material

  • Goraya’s Soul Piece x1
  • Awakened Soul x 10
  • Rainbow dragon “Paradisus” x1

Asirpa’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

【Opening the future… 】
22000% light physical damage.
Skill CT speed of all allies increased by 120%, equipment CT speed and break power increased by 30% for 20 seconds.
breaking power:3800

  • The skill CT speed of all allies is increased, the CT speed of the equipment and the break power are increased immediately.


【Thanks to nature】
HP recovery of 25% for all allies, Arts gauge 25 UP.
Defensive power 100% UP for 12 seconds.

  • HP recovery for all allies, Arts gauge UP instant recovery & UP
  • The defense power of all allies is instantly granted


【Support shooting (CT9)】
1700% light physical damage.
Possibility to poison the enemy.
Break strength: 1500

  • Poisoning is given after the attack
    (after about 2 seconds)

Asirpa’s review

  • Since the skill CT speed can be increased by the effect of “True Arts”, it is easy for the skill such as Vox to exert the power of the powerful unit
  • Equipped with the effect of “True Arts”, the recovery speed of equipment CT can be increased, so the rotation rate of equipment is very high.
  • The effect of “True Arts” can increase your breaking power, making it easier to break enemies.
  • The effects of “Arts” can increase Arts gauge and recovery & defense power, so you can increase survival rate while supporting allies.
  • Arts gauge naturally rises due to the effect of the Ainu Girl ability, so it is easier to accumulate Arts gauge than other units
  • HP is naturally restored by the effect of the ability “Ainu Girl”, so the survival rate is high.
  • Because of the ability of “freeze resistance” ability, it is hard to freeze, so it is hard for the enemy to disturb Arts
  • Very easy to wake up because there are very few awakening materials, 1 “Kouya no Soul Piece” and 10 “Awakening Souls”.
  • Equipment frame is a support, physical, defense all-star 5 frame and broken equipment frame
  • The hit rate has been increased by the ability “hit rate up”, but the attack power is low and the damage ratio of “True Arts” is also very low, so the treasure is a little bit ripe.
  • The motions of both “Arts” and “True Arts” are very long, so it takes time to take the next action.
  • HP is low, so it is easy to fall down if it receives strong damage

Asirpa’s best equipment

Arts gauge UP & damage reduction

heartball Evkelia Garganture
Support ☆ 5:
God’s servant’s heartball’ (*1)
Physics 5:
spirit sword “Evkelia” (*2)
Defense ☆ 4:
Magic Armor “Gargantua” (*3)

*1 Any equipment that can manage the Arts gauge
*2 Able to improve own Arts gauge
*3 Items that can be changed or most reduced according to the attributes of the enemy

Asilipa has all 5 stars and a broken equipment frame for support, physics, and defense (lol)

Support is to increase the Arts gauge of the entire ally or a single unit.

The physics is to increase your Arts gauge.

Protective equipment should be equipped according to the enemy’s attributes and type of attack ♪

Asirpa’s best Heraldyske stien

Equipped CT recovery speed up

Asilipa has excellent equipment, so let’s add equipment CT recovery speed♪

How to use Asirpa

When to use Asilipa

  • When you want to use Arts gauge UP & Recovery “Arts”
  • Equipped CT When you want to do damage while increasing the recovery speed “True Arts”
Let’s use properly ♪

Both Asiripa Arts are very powerful.

You can use “Arts” and “True Arts” alternately if it’s a party where Arts goes around a lot♪

Should I strengthen my Asirpa?

Many don’t talk! !!

If Asilipa hits, Let’s grow up immediately

“Arts” and “True Arts” are too versatile , and support, physics, and defense are all-star broken equipment frame I can’t help (laugh)

You can play an active part as a 100% regular player, so if you hit , grow fast! !!

Asirpa’s conclusion

  • Can be used as a support healer
  • Equipment that can improve Arts gauge & damage reduction is recommended ♪
  • Recommended heraldic stones are “equipment CT recovery speed improvement”
  • When using Asilipa, always use “True Arts”!

      ・When you want to use Arts gauge UP & recovery
      ・Equipped CT When you want to give damage while increasing the recovery speed
      “True Arts”
    To use properly
  • Let’s grow as soon as it hits!

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