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【grand summoners】Raphtalia review & best equipment【Shield Hero】




Become stronger when sheltered!?


is about.


Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Raphtalia stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 999
+ 474
+ 342

Enough Ajin

Accuracy 20% UP ・ If you are under cover, increase your damage 30% (no duplication)

Critical chance Lv2

Critical rate increased by 20%

Raphtalia’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

【I’m serious! 】
42000% light physical damage.
Increases critical rate and skill CT speed by 50% for 35 seconds.
Break power: 1500

  • Immediately grant your own critical rate and skill CT speed.


【Fast hiding】
12000% light physical damage.
When critical, increase your own gauge 70 UP.
If you are under escort while activating Arts, the bottom unit’s maximum HP increases by 33% and HP recovers naturally for 15 seconds.
Break: 800

  • Critical attack UP when critical attack hits
    (after about 2 seconds)
  • The maximum HPUP and HP natural recovery of the bottom unit is granted immediately.
  • Attack only 1HIT


【Clean up! (CT10)】
1500% light attribute physical damage.
My own gauge 15UP.
Break: 400

  • Immediate gauge UP is immediate.

Raphtalia’s review

  • The effect of “True Arts” and the effect of “Critical chance” increase the critical rate by 70%, so it is easy to generate strong critical damage
  • Skill CT speed can be increased by the effect of “True Arts”, so the skill’s secret gauge can be improved.
  • The effect of “Arts” can increase the maximum HPUP and recovery of the unit that the enemy is protecting, greatly increasing the survival rate of the defender of the shelter.
  • Skill effects allow you to increase your own Arts gauge, so Arts rotates relatively quickly
  • Participate with a guarding defender to do more damage in addition to powerful critical damage, as the damage increases when you are shielded by the ability “Enough Ajin”
  • Because of very high attack power, it is easy to use not only a normal one-pan but also one-pan with equipment
  • Because you can equip 4 star defense equipment, you can increase the survival rate of allies
  • Easy to awaken because the awakening material is a single “soul piece of the worm”
  • The “Arts” effect increases the Arts gauge when critical, but since there is only 1 hit, the Arts gauge will not increase unless you firmly increase the critical rate
  • Because it is not possible to achieve high effects unless it is sheltered, its versatility is low
  • Slightly low defense

Raphtalia’s best equipment

Critical rate UP

true raphtalia sword Berserk phantom mask
True Raphtalia’s Sword
Evil Spear ‘Berserk’ (※1)
Defense☆4 :
Phantom Mask (※2)

※1 Equipment that can increase damage to all allies and yourself
※2 The one that can be changed or reduced the most according to the enemy’s attributes

Raphtalia Increases the critical rate by 50% and the ability by 20%, and increases the total critical rate by 70%. A further 30% increase in true equipment will increase the critical rate by 100% ♪

If you can afford the rainbow ball, please try replacing the true equipment!

If you can’t afford a rainbow ball, we recommend Gram, which is available through the permanent quest.

Equip defense equipment according to the enemy’s attack type and attributes.

Should true equipment be replaced?

Raphtalia Replace the rainbow ball if you can afford it ♪

Raphtalia equips

  • 30% increase in damage critical rate

If you combine this with “True Arts” & Ability “Critical chance” that increases the Critical Rate, Critical Rate will always be 100% UP ♪

In addition, because the damage can be improved, the firepower is further improved!

Not only that, Actuality & Skill CT speed can be increased by 100% in 35 seconds of CT, so it can be very effective even if equipped with another attacker.

Required equipment has been replaced to some extent, but if you can afford the rainbow ball, let’s replace it ♪

Raphtalia’s best Heraldyske stien

Attack power up

Raphtalia is an attacker, so let’s add attack strength ♪

How to use Raphtalia

When using Raphtalia

  • “Arts” when acting as a healer for the sheltering unit
  • When used as an attacker, “True Arts”
Let’s use properly ♪

Since “Arts” is effective only for the defender of the eavesdropping system, Naofumi Iwatani or Celia, Gerald Can not be demonstrated.

Since the Arts gauge UP is also limited when a critical event occurs, If there is no defender to cover the party, you can raise the damage rate of Raphtalia by increasing the critical rate and increasing the skill CT speed. Let’s turn it on ♪

Should I strengthen my Raphtalia?

Raphtalia should be raised if the handheld unit has no critical attacker ♪

Raphtalia has a 50% increase in the Critical Rate of “True Arts” and a 20% increase in the ability “Critical chance”. Therefore, it is excellent as an attacker.

It has a very high attack power and can do great damage to enemies.

You can also use it as a defender exclusive healer that protects you with “Arts”, but if you use it as an honest healer, you can use the permanent unit Aristella is better.

If you grow Raphtalia, let’s grow it if you want to use it as an attacker ♪

Raphtalia’s conclusion

  • Can be used as an attacker
  • Equipment that can increase the critical rate is recommended ♪
  • Can be used with one pan
  • Save rainbow balls without changing true equipment!
  • Recommended emblem is “attack up”
  • When using Raphtalia

      ・ When healing a healer
      ・ In the case of an attacker
      “True Arts”
    Use properly
  • Grow if you don’t have a critical attacker ♪

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