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【grand summoners】Filo review & best equipment【Shield Hero】




HP dependent Fa… Angel attacker


is about.


Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Filo stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 999
+ 393
+ 419

Philoreal Queen

Increases own physical resistance by 20%.

Dragon Killer Lv5

Increases damage against dragons by 50%

Filo’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

[How much is it! ]
45,000% tree attribute physical damage.
At the time of true depth, the less the remaining HP of the enemy is, the more damage is increased (up to 250%)
Break: 3000


[How much is it! ]
45,000% tree attribute physical damage.
At the time of true depth, the less the remaining HP of the enemy is, the more damage is increased (up to 250%)
Break: 3000

  • Enemy’s action speed and defense down are granted after hitting
    (after about 1 second)


[Spiral strike (CT11)]
2300% tree attribute physical damage.
Increases your Attack Power by 20% each time you use the skill (up to 100%)
Break: 800

  • Improve your attack power immediately.

Filo’s review

  • Effects of “True Arts” reduce the enemy’s HP and the damage increases, making it easier to stab at the end.
  • Enemy’s action speed and defense power can be reduced by the effect of “Arts”, so you can increase firepower while increasing the survival rate of allies
  • Skill effects increase attack power, so the synergy with “True Arts” makes it easier to stab the endgame
  • Physical resistance is constantly increased due to the effect of the ability “Philoreal Queen”, which increases the survival rate against enemies who make physical attacks.
  • The mystery gauge naturally rises due to the effect of the ability “Philoreal Queen”, so the mystery turns faster than other units
  • Because the star 5 physics, star 5 magic, star 4 support and equipment frame are different, it is easy to organize one-punch equipment
  • Status values ​​are generally high
  • Easy to awaken with one “Pin Suicide Piece”
  • Since the effect of “True Arts” depends on HP & only myself, and “Arts” ‘s defense DOWN is 50%, it is halfway as an attacker or as a fire buff /debuff support
  • Second ability is subtle due to dragon killer

Filo’s best equipment

Damage UP

ディード・ゼクス グラム ログ・ヴィーダ
Dark Blade ‘Exceed Zechs'(※)
Cursed Sword ‘Gram'(※)
Magitome ‘Log Vida’

※ Equipment that can increase damage to all allies and yourself

Firo is a very high fired attacker, so wear equipment that will increase damage as much as possible ♪

However, even though it is a high firepower, it does not have any defensive power nor has critical damage, so the firepower that can be used even when used in a bare state is not so high.

If possible, wear equipment that can increase the critical rate etc. so that damage can penetrate ♪

Filo’s best Heraldyske stien

Attack up

Since Firo is an attacker, let’s increase the attack power ♪

How to use Filo

When using Firo

  • Under the enemy’s remaining HP around 5/6 “Arts”
  • If you cut the remaining HP 5/6 of the enemy, “True Arts”
Let’s use properly ♪

Since Firo’s “True Arts” has a higher damage amount as the enemy’s HP is smaller, using it while the HP amount is high will not give a high effect.

As a guide, the enemy’s HP is around 5/6.

Damage UP amount is up to 250%, so simply

Remaining HPDamage UP amount
Then, about 5/6 of the enemy’s HP, the damage of “True Arts” will be about 1.5 times, about 67,000%.

I think that it is more likely to fire “True Arts” than to shoot “Arts” twice, so let’s switch around the enemy’s HP about 5/6 ♪

However, when the critical rate UP is given, the firepower will always come out when turning in the “True Arts”.
(Because critical damage can penetrate the enemy’s defense and cause damage)

Should I strengthen my Filo?

Let’s have a warehouse keeper without raising even if Firo hits ♪

“True Arts” only increases the HP power of the enemy.

“Arts” is also a half-hearted firepower for attackers because of the enemy’s defense and action speed down.

It is faster to cut HP from the beginning with a critical attacker, so you can clear it faster, so let’s just wake up without breaking the limit.

If you combine it with a unit that can give you a higher critical rate, you may become a very powerful attacker ♪

Filo’s conclusion

  • Can be used as an attacker
  • Equipment that can increase damage is recommended ♪
  • Can be used with one pan
  • Recommended emblem is “attack up”
  • When using Firo

      ・Until the enemy’s HP 5/6
      ・If you exceed the enemy’s HP 5/6
      “True Arts”
    Use properly
  • Let’s keep it and keep it as a storekeeper ♪

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