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Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Saitama stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 999
+ 460
+ 385

Large Killer Lv5

Damage increased by 50% against large bosses

Invalidation enhancement Lv5

When damage invalidation is given to yourself, defense power is increased by 50%.

The strongest hero

Abnormal condition (other than faint) 100% UP.
When dying, for a total of 20 seconds, disable 2800 damage. CT60

Saitama’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

[Seriously hit]
120000% light physical damage.
Break power: 6000


[Continuous ordinary punch]
20000% light physical damage. For 30 seconds, own Arts gauge 5UP.
Break power: 2000

  • Arts gauge UP is granted immediately


[Ordinary punch] (CT8):
3200% light physical damage.
Break power: 2000

Saitama’s review

  • The damage of “True Arts” is 120,000% and the maximum ever.
  • Skill breaking power of “True Arts” is high.
  • Arts gauge can be increased by a total of 150 by the effect of “Arts”, so Arts gauge can be accelerated.
  • Because the defensive ability improves the defense power, it is compatible with units that can grant damage nullification such as Sunstone and Fable
  • Ability “The Strongest Hero” does not cause abnormal status.
    * Abnormal status resistance DOWN causes abnormal status.
  • Ability “strongest hero” with high survival rate due to damage nullification when dying
  • All equipment can be equipped with 5 stars, and 2 defense equipment can be equipped, so the survival rate of allies can be increased.
  • It’s easy to wake up because there is only one soul piece of Koyao.
  • “True Arts” and Skill have no effect
  • The most powerful attack of “True Arts” is a one-shot, so if the enemy avoids it with too high an evasion rate, it will be almost useless

Saitama’s best equipment

Fire power up & damage reduction

hero glove Garganture Eldrange
Physics 5:
Hero Gloves (*1)
Defense 5:
Magic armor “Gargantua” (*2)
Defense 5:
Holy Armor “Erdrange”

*1 Equipment that can increase damage to all allies and themselves
*2 Items that can be changed or most reduced according to the enemy’s attributes

Saitama’s equipment frame is 5 physics, 5 star defense × 2 and can both increase firepower and reduce damage, so let’s equip Saitama with equipment that can increase firepower and damage reduction ♪

The defense equipment may be all damage, but it may be equipped with Erdrange to increase the firepower of Saitama as much as possible.

In that case, you can only reduce the damage to one body, so it’s a good idea to form a party with a unit that protects the damage of allies such as Celia and Gerald.

  • Saitama
  • Gerald
  • Arts gauge management unit
  • Arts gauge management unit

By doing so, you can efficiently rotate the Arts gauge while reducing damage and producing firepower ♪

One bread

Lost Arms Eldrange
Physics 5:
Reimei Akira Ragschelum (*1)
Defense 5:
Lost Arms (*2)
Defense 5:
Holy Armor “Erdrange” (*2)

*1 Equipment that can increase damage to all allies and themselves
*2 Equipment that increases both defense power and attack power

Saitama boasts a firepower of “True Arts” of 120,000%.

Not only for such high fire damage, but also for one bread ♪

If you want to do TA (time trial), you can easily shorten the time by raising two Saitama and killing the enemy easily.

Saitama’s best Heraldyske stien

Attack power up

Saitama is an attacker, so let’s increase her attack power♪

How to use Saitama

When using Saitama, “True Arts” is always OK♪

Since you can increase the Arts gauge with “Arts”, it seems that you can shoot more Arts by turning it with “Arts”, but the category of Arts gauge UP is a category that does not overlap with Zenon and Sonier.

This is the category with the largest number of units that can increase the Arts gauge of Grasama, so it is easy to wear, and even if you add the Arts gauge UP, it will be overwritten, so it has no meaning at all.

It’s safe to attack with high-fire “True Arts”♪

If you are going to party with a unit in a different category, it might be better to shoot “Arts” and then “True Arts”♪

Should I strengthen my Saitama?

Saitama is OK if you have a unit that can make one bread ♪

If you are aiming for the higher rank in TA (time trial), it is easy to aim with two bodies, so if you want to seriously try the second body (laugh)

The equipment frame is very good, but I do not recommend it because it is too effective for Arts to use it other than one-pan and it is difficult to use.

Since it is a great one-punch man, let’s raise it so that it can be used for one-punch main ♪ lol

Saitama’s conclusion

  • It can be used as an attacker
  • Equipment that can increase firepower and reduce damage is recommended ♪
  • Can be used in one bread
  • Recommended heraldic stones increase attack power
  • When using Saitama, always “True Arts” is OK!
  • If you have a unit that can make one bread, let’s grow it!

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