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【grand summoners】Vox review & best equipment




Accelerate Arts gauge with Magia Drive! !! Attack Healer


is about.


Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Vox stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 999
+ 444
+ 330

Soten no Kaiho

Skill CT speed and attack power increased by 100% when driving Magia.
Will not be frightened.

Fatal blow Lv8

80% more damage when critical

Hit rate master Lv3

Hit rate of all allies increased by 30% (no overlap)

Vox’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

It will be in Magia Drive for 180 seconds.
When used in Magia Drive state, 45000% water damage physical damage.
Increases critical rate of all allies by 100% for 15 seconds.
Break: 4000

  • Critical rate UP is granted immediately


18000% water damage physical damage.
All stats of all allies increased by 30% for 12 seconds.
Break: 2800

  • All status UP is immediate UP


2400% water damage physical damage.
Own Arts gauge 20UP.
Furthermore, when you are in a state of Magia drive, Arts gauge 20 UP.
Break: 1000

  • Arts gauge UP immediately UP

Vox’s review

  • Increasing the critical rate of “True Arts”, “Fatal blow” of the ability, and 100% of Magia Drive’s attack power make it possible for Vox to produce high firepower alone.
  • Critical rate UP duration of “True Arts” is as long as 15 seconds
  • It can also be used as a healer by increasing the status of “Arts”, and since it is activated immediately, it is easy to get out of the pinch.
  • You can increase your Arts gauge by 20 with your skill, and double it by 40 when driving Magia
  • During Magia drive, the ability “Soten no Kaiho” will not scare you, so icing & paralysis will be disabled
  • “Fatal blow Hit rate master” makes it easier for the enemy to hit even with a high evasion rate
  • Equipment frame is physical 5, support 5, recovery 4, so Arts gauge can be increased and recovery is well balanced
  • High firepower, slightly less defensive power
  • The ability to improve when equipped with true equipment is a little unsatisfactory (the effect of using equipment is subtle)
  • After Magia Drive, the Arts gauge doesn’t accumulate, so I can’t shoot the next Arts immediately

Vox’s best equipment

Arts gauge UP

Cursed Light Sword ‘Anestra’
Relic ‘Lesser Demonheart'(※1)
Flower Cane Inurose(※2)

※1 Any equipment that can manage the Arts gauge
※2 CT with the fastest overall recovery amount

Vox has low defense power, but it is not possible to wear defense equipment, so physical equipment Anestra that improves all stats is recommended.

Vox itself can accelerate the Arts gauge with the support equipment, so if it is equipment that increases the overall Arts gauge or attach a heartball, throw it to a unit that can manage the Arts gauge ♪

The amount of recovery will be a little lower, but Necrocres that can increase the Arts gauge is also recommended.

Should true equipment be replaced?

If you can afford the rainbow ball, replace it!

As a main effect when equipped with Vox

  • All status 20% UP
  • Critical rate 20% UP
  • Avoidance rate up 10%

But there are none

Vox’s ability will change greatly

There is no such thing, so other equipment can be used.

There is no special effect, so normal equipment is strong enough (* ´꒳` *)

Vox’s best Heraldyske stien

Attack power up

Since Vox is an attacker, it is recommended to increase attack power to increase firepower ♪

Equipment CT recovery speed up

Vox also has an excellent equipment frame, so it is also recommended to increase the equipment CT recovery speed so that the equipment can be used as quickly as possible ♪

How to use Vox

There are many cases where recovery is not in time for high difficulty quests, so let’s increase the survival rate by recovering all the statuses of “Arts” and increasing the defense power.

If the recovery is in time, you can recover with “Arts”, but if you have enough HP, you can cut it off at once with “True Arts” ♪

For the normal quest, let’s settle it all at once with “True Arts” (* ´꒳` *)

Should I strengthen my Vox?

Be sure to raise it when you hit.

He is a very good healer and attacker, so he will be active anywhere (* ´-`).

Let’s use convex stones ♪

Vox’s conclusion

  • Can be used as an attacker and healer
  • Equipment that can improve defense power is recommended ♪
  • If you can afford the rainbow ball, replace the real equipment!
  • Recommended heraldic stones increase attack power
  • When using Vox

    ・ When recovery is not in time
    ・ If you have enough HP
    “True Arts”

    To use properly
  • Let’s grow as soon as it hits!

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