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【grand summoners】Terrible Tornado review & best equipment




『Terrible Tornado』

is about.


Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Terrible Tornado stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 976
+ 402
+ 343

Tatsumaki of Shiver

Magic damage from enemies 30% DOWN・Boss break damage 100% UP

Arts Natural Recovery Lv2

Arts gauge recovers by 2 each

Boss break BEUP

When the boss breaks, the BE appearance amount increases by 100%

Terrible Tornado’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

[It’s useless without me! ]
32000% magical tree damage.
Breaking power of all allies increased by 50% for 10 seconds.
There is a high probability that the enemy will be paralyzed.
Break power: 5500

  • The breakup power of all allies is instantly increased
  • Immediately grant paralysis


[Unpleasant. Disappeared]
17000% tree element magic damage.
Reduces enemy magic resistance by 25% for 15 seconds.
Break power: 4200

  • Enemy’s magic resistance DOWN is immediately granted


[Twist] (CT7):
2000% magical tree damage.
Enemy break resistance 30% DOWN for 8 seconds.
Break power: 2000

  • The enemy’s break resistance DOWN is granted after the attack is hit
    (after about 1 second)

Terrible Tornado’s review

  • Because “True Arts” can increase the breaking power of all allies, it will be very easy to scrape the enemy’s break gauge when combined with Skill’s break resistance DOWN
  • Since “True Arts” can add an immediate paralysis state, you can avoid large damage if used according to the enemy’s Arts
  • Because you can add magic resistance DOWN with “Arts”, you can increase the firepower of all allies.
  • Break resistance DOWN that can be granted with Skill has an effect time of 8 seconds, whereas SkillCT is 7 seconds, so it is possible to always break resistance
  • Since all equipment frames are magic frames, equipment that can give status abnormal resistance and status abnormal resistance DOWN can be made, and it is compatible with “True Arts”
  • The ability of “Dreadful Tatsumaki” will increase the survival rate against enemies attacking magically.
  • Arts spin faster due to the effect of the ability “Arts Natural Recovery”
  • It’s very easy to wake up because there is only one “Spirit of Kasumi” awakening material.
  • Since all equipment slots are magical slots, it cannot support allies.

Terrible Tornado’s best equipment

Arts gauge & firepower UP

Akasik eye Akasik eye help ru
Magic 5:
Mahou “Akasik Eye” Magic 5:
Mahou "Akasik Eye"
Magic ☆ 4:
Help Ruu
Since Tatsumaki can be equipped with 2 magical attacks and 5 magical stars, it goes great with Akasik Eyes, which increases magic damage.

If you equip two Akasik Eyes, magic damage will be increased by 40% and Arts gauge can be increased, so you can manage Arts gauge yourself ♪

Don't forget to help Ruu who can increase the critical rate by 100% when the enemy is paralyzed in the Star 4 equipment frame!

Terrible Tornado’s best Heraldyske stien

Attack power up

Tatsumaki can also be used as a sub attacker, so let’s increase the attack power ♪

How to use Terrible Tornado

When using Tatsumaki

  • For parties that focus on magical attacks
  • For parties that focus on physical attacks
    “True Arts”
Let’s use it properly♪

Tatsumaki’s “Arts” can grant magic resistance DOWN, so if you take it to the magic attack party, you can increase the overall firepower.

There is no point in focusing on physical attacks, so let’s attack with “True Arts” so that you can break as soon as possible ♪

When making a party focused on magic attacks

  • Tatsumaki
  • Gerald
  • norn
  • sonier

It’s good to form a party with a magical attack unit like this (*´-`)

Should I strengthen my Terrible Tornado?

Tatsumaki can be raised if the following conditions are met ♪

  • Arts gauge management & Defenders and healers are available
  • There is no unit that can interfere with the boss Arts by giving paralysis
  • There is no unit that can adjust the break timing

“If we can block the enemy Arts with paralysis, we can win…”
“If I can break the enemy Arts with a break, I’ll win…”

It can be very useful in such situations, so you may want to raise it.

However, do not make the limit breakthrough to MAX, but first try to see the situation with 3 convex.

By the way, if it’s a breaker, platinum is honestly better (laughs)

Terrible Tornado’s conclusion

  • Can be used as a breaker & sub-attacker
  • Akasik eye is recommended for equipment♪
  • Recommended heraldic stones increase attack power
  • When using Tatsumaki

      ・”Arts” for parties that focus on magic attacks
      ・”True Arts” for parties that focus on physical attacks
    To use properly
  • If there is no paralysis and break personnel, let’s raise them!

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