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【grand summoners】Saichi Sugimoto review & best equipment




『Saichi Sugimoto』

is about.


Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Saichi Sugimoto stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 952
+ 373
+ 328

Critical rate Lv3

Critical rate 30% UP

Poison resistance Lv5

Poison time reduction rate 50% UP Poison avoidance rate 50% UP

The Immortal Sugimoto

Revives twice with HP and mystery gauge MAX (true mystery), increases mystery damage 50%, critical rate 100% for 30 seconds

Saichi Sugimoto’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

【Show me hell!】
40,000% fire damage physical damage.
There is a high probability that the enemy will be stunned.
Enemy Arts gauge 20 DOWN in this true arts faint.
Increases your critical damage by 150% for 20 seconds.
Break power: 3200

  • Stunning is granted after an attack
    (after about 1 second)
  • Stunned enemy’s Arts gauge DOWN is granted after the attack hits.
    (About 1 second later)
  • Your critical damage is immediately granted


【Front charge】
17000% fire damage physical damage.
The enemy’s attack power is reduced by 60% for 12 seconds.
*No overlap with effects of other units
Break power: 2500

  • The enemy’s attack power DOWN is granted after the attack is hit
    (after about 1 second)


【Rifle shooting (CT10)】
2500% fire damage physical damage.
Own Arts gauge 15UP.
Break power: 1200

  • Your own Arts gauge 15UP instantly UP

Saichi Sugimoto’s review

  • The effect of “True Arts” can stun the enemy, and the Arts gauge of the stunned enemy can be reduced, so it is possible to delay Arts while stopping.
  • The ability’s “Critical Rate” effect always increases the critical rate by 30%, and “True Arts” effect increases the critical damage by 2.5 times, so even if there is no unit that can increase the critical rate, Can do damage
  • The effects of “Arts” can significantly reduce the attack power of the enemy, which increases the survival rate of allies.
  • Skill allows you to increase your Arts gauge, making it easier to collect Arts compared to other units
  • Even if you fall down due to the effect of the immortal Sugimoto ability, you will recover 2 times, and it will be revived while “True Arts” can shoot, so it is easy to aim for the situation to reverse.
  • Awakening material is 1 “red crimson soul piece” and 10 awakening souls, so it’s very easy to wake up.
  • Equipped with 2 star 5 physical equipment and 5 star 5 defense equipment, you can equip a balanced attack and defense equipment because it is an all-star 5 equipment frame.
  • The effects of Arts are all triggered quickly
  • The arts gauge can be reduced by stunning the enemy with “True Arts”, but it is meaningless if it is given when Arts is activated to obstruct the enemy’s Arts

Saichi Sugimoto’s best equipment

Critical rate up & damage reduction

真『炯眼』 グラム ガルガンチュア
Physics 5:
Shin’Garenai (*1)
Physics 5:
Magic sword “gram” (*1)
Defense 5:
Magic Armor “Gargantua” (*2)

*1 Equipment that can increase the critical rate
*2 Items that can be changed or most reduced according to the attributes of the enemy

Saichi Sugimoto can increase critical damage by 2.5 times with “Makoto”, so let’s wear equipment that can increase the critical rate as much as possible ♪

Although it is a true equipment of Luan, True “Gekigan” can raise the critical rate by 70%, so it can be increased by 100% along with the ability’s “critical rate”.

Physical damage can be increased with equipment abilities, so it’s a perfect match!

If you replace Luan when you get it, you should equip Saichi Sugimoto with it.

Mystery gauge UP & damage reduction

エフケリア アネストラ ガルガンチュア
Physics 5:
spirit sword “Evkelia” (*1)
Physics 5:
Maiko Sword “Anestra” (*1)
Defense 5:
Magic Armor “Gargantua” (*2)

*1 Any equipment that can manage the mystery gauge
*2 Items that can be changed or most reduced according to the attributes of the enemy

Saichi Sugimoto is able to reduce enemy’s attack power by 60% by “mystery”, and it is possible to greatly increase the survival rate of allies.

If you equip the mystery gauge as quickly as possible and repeat the “mystery”, you will be able to clear more quests that require shields.

One bread

ラグシェルム ゴジラ イリスのお色直し
Physics 5:
Ruimei Crystal Ragshhelm (*)
Physics 5:
King of Monsters “Godzilla” (*)
Defense 5:
Coloring of Iris (*)

* Equipment that can increase damage to all allies and themselves

Saichi Sugimoto has a high firepower of 40,000% and critical damage 2.5 times, so you can get very high firepower.

It’s a bit disappointing to have 5 star defense equipment, but since it can be used with one-pan, let’s equip it so that the fire power is increased♪

Saichi Sugimoto’s best Heraldyske stien

Attack power up

Saichi Sugimoto is an attacker, so let’s increase her attack power♪

How to use Saichi Sugimoto

When using Saichi Sugimoto

  • If you want to increase the survival rate of your allies, use “Arts”
  • When you want to generate firepower, “True Arts”
Let’s use properly ♪

Saichi Sugimoto’s “Arts” has a very high DOWN rate of 60% DOWN the enemy’s attack power, so it is possible to greatly increase the survival rate of allies.

If you combine it with a defender or healer, you can solidify a very strong protection ♪

It is especially effective against enemies that cause immediate death damage, such as the 21st floor of the trial corridor.

Regarding “True Arts”, it is possible to block the movement of the enemy by stunning it in addition to high firepower, and reduce the Arts gauge of the enemy who stunned, so delay the action of the enemy Is also possible.

“True Arts” that can generate firepower while increasing the survival rate of allies is perfect when you want to use Saichi Sugimoto as an attacker♪

Should I strengthen my Saichi Sugimoto?

Let’s raise it immediately if Saichi Sugimoto hits!

There are few awakening materials, and it is very easy to awaken, so there is no loss in awakening for the time being.

However, don’t make it 5 convex right away, just wake it up and set it to LVMAX.

If you have Gerard, Setis, or Rem and can’t clear the 21st floor of the trial corridor, you may grow up to the MAX limit♪

Saichi Sugimoto’s conclusion

    • Can be used as an attacker
    • Equipment that can increase the critical rate and reduce damage is recommended ♪
    • Can be used with one bread
    • Recommended heraldic stones increase attack power
    • When using Saichi Sugimoto

        ・If you want to increase the survival rate of your team
        ・When you want to generate firepower
        “True Arts”
      To use properly
    • Let’s grow as soon as it hits!

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