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【grand summoners】Toshizo Hijikata review & best equipment




『Toshizo Hijikata』

is about.


Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Toshizo Hijikata stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 952
+ 322
+ 309

Revenge Lv2

Upon death, the Arts gauge will recover by 2 each

Deputy Chief of the Demon

All allies’ attack power increased by 15%, own damage against enemies with HP less than 30% increased by 20%

Awakening material

  • Ambition Soul Piece×20
  • Awakened Soul x 10
  • Rainbow dragon “Paradisus” x1

Toshizo Hijikata’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

【Even one missed! 】
24000% darkness physical damage.
Own Arts gauge 100 UP.
Ignores 100% of enemy defense for 12 seconds.
Break power: 3500

  • Your own Arts gauge UP instantly
  • Ignore Defense Immediately Granted


15000% darkness physical damage.
Damage for all allies is increased by 50% for 12 seconds.
Break power: 2000

  • Immediate damage will be given to all allies during the break.


【Gunto strike (CT 9 seconds)】
2000% darkness physical damage.
Increases attack power each time you use a skill.
(Up to 80% UP)
Break power: 1000

  • Attack UP is immediate UP

Toshizo Hijikata’s review

  • The effect of “True Arts” gives strong damage that ignores defense power, and it is easy to pass damage to enemies with critical invalidity and resistance.
  • The rotation of Arts is much faster than other units because the Arts gauge of yours will be increased when activated due to the effect of “True Arts”.
  • The attack power increases each time you activate a skill, so if you are in a long-term battle or a quest with a large number of battles, you will get more firepower than usual
  • The attack power of all allies is increased by the effect of the Demon Deputy ability, so you can increase the firepower even though you are in the party.
  • Because you can equip 4 star support equipment, it is possible to support allies.
  • Equipped with 2 star 5 physics equipment and 4 star support equipment, it is easy to circulate in one pan with material gathering laps etc.
  • Luck material is easy to drop, so it is easy to make a luck pole
  • Low attack and defense power
  • The effect of “Arts” is almost useless (about when stinging a dome)

Toshizo Hijikata’s best equipment

Damage UP

Rude Magus Rude Magus Keion
Physics 5:
Shin “Lude Magus” (*1)
Physics 5:
Shin “Lude Magus” (*1)
Support ☆ 4:
Midori Kane K-ion (*2)

*1 Equipment with killer ability
*2 Any equipment that can manage the Arts gauge

Toshizo Hijikata can shoot powerful “True Arts” that can ignore the defense of the enemy.

Since it is an attack that does not need to increase the critical rate, let’s equip it so that the damage is further increased ♪

It is recommended that equipment that has a killer effect on its abilities will always increase damage!

One piece of equipment

seven sevens seven sevens terracon
Physics 5:
Imperial sword “Nana Shichi” (*)
Physics 5:
Imperial sword “Nana Shichi” (*)
Support ☆ 4:
Terra Conjunction

*Highest damage ratio

Hijikata Toshizo has 2 Star 5 physical slots, and since the Star 4 equipment slot is a support slot, equipping a Terracon makes it easier to collect silverbirds and spirits.

Let’s wear the equipment that produces the most firepower and go around quickly with the equipment one pan ♪

Toshizo Hijikata’s best Heraldyske stien

Attack up

Toshizo Hijikata is an attacker, so let’s add attack up ♪

How to use Toshizo Hijikata

When using Hijikata Toshizo, you can always use “True Arts”♪

In addition to a powerful attack that ignores defensive power, you will be able to shoot “True Arts” as if you were “Arts” because your Arts gauge is increased by 100.

I don’t use “Arts” much because it only works during breaks (laughs).

Should I strengthen my Toshizo Hijikata?

Let’s raise it as soon as Toshizo Hijikata gets it♪

LUCK is also easy to raise, and it is very excellent as a luck frame for collecting materials.

Once you get it, let’s grow quickly and raise LUCK quickly!

Toshizo Hijikata’s conclusion

  • Can be used as an attacker
  • Equipment that can damage damage is recommended ♪
  • Can be used with one bread
  • Recommended heraldic stone is “attack up”
  • When using Hijikata Toshizo, always use “True Arts”!
  • Grow it as soon as you get it♪

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