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【grand summoners】Melty review & best equipment【Shield Hero】




Damage UP & Mystery Gauge UP !! Attack Supporter


is about.


Since the text is translated by Google translation, there may be strange sentences.
Also, there may be differences from the overseas version due to the information in the Japanese version.

Melty stats and passive abilities(LVMAX)


+ 999
+ 393
+ 419

Noble Princess

Increases your seal resistance by 50%. Increases allies’ mysterious damage by 10% (no duplication)

Dying skill speed up Lv2

Dying skill speed up 20%

Melty’s Arts and Skills

True Arts

【Zweit Aqua Slash】
28000% magical water damage.
Increases fire resistance of all allies by 15% for 15 seconds and increases enemy damage taken by 50% for 15 seconds.
Breaking power: 1500

  • Increase the fire resistance resistance of all allies immediately.
  • Enemy’s damage is increased after hitting
    (after about 1 second)


【Zweit Aqua Shot】
11000% water attribute magic damage.
Increases attack power of all allies by 40% and Arts gauge by 3 for 13 seconds.
Breaking force: 1000

  • Increase the attack power and Arts gauge of all allies instantly.


【Fast Aqua Heel (CT13)】
HP 250 recovery for all allies and Arts gauge 5 UP.

  • Recover the HP of all allies and increase the Arts gauge after casting the spell
    (after about 1 second)

Melty’s review

  • Effects of enemy can be increased by the effect of “True Arts”, so the firepower of all allies can be raised
  • With the effect of “True Arts”, you can increase the fire resistance, so you can shorten the clear time while increasing the survival rate of allies against the fire attribute enemy
  • The Arts gauge can be increased while increasing the attack power of allies with the effect of “Arts”, so you can also manage the Arts gauge while increasing the overall firepower
  • Skill effects can help allies recover HP and increase the Arts gauge, so they can slightly improve their survival rate and manage the Arts gauge
  • The effects of the ability “Noble Princess” always increase the Arts damage of all allies, so you can further increase the fire power in addition to the damage received by “True Arts” and the attack power of “Arts”.
  • The overall status is high, so it is easy to take to various quests
  • Because you can equip 5 star support equipment, you can support allies and support your own Arts gauge
  • Easy to awaken because the awakening material is a single “ice piece of ice”
  • True Arts can grant fire resistance, but its versatility is low due to limited available quests
  • “Arts” has the same category of Arts gauge UP effect as Sonnier or Zenon, so there are few overlapping units
  • It would be great if the 4 star equipment frame was not magic but supportive

Melty’s best equipment

Arts gauge UP

Akashic Eye Lesser Demonheart Destina
Magical Hat ‘Akashic Eye’
Relic ‘Lesser Demonheart’
Sacred Garb ‘Destina’

※ Any equipment that can manage Arts gauge

Melty is an excellent supporter who can increase firepower and Arts gauge.

Let’s equip the Arts gauge UP so that you can rotate “Arts” as much as possible ♪

Melty is a magical attack, so it’s perfectly compatible with Akashic Eye, which drops on permanent quests.

Because Arts Gauge UP & Magic Damage UP can be done, you can also support your friends’ Arts Gauge while increasing your own damage.

If you don’t have Akashic Eye, please collect this!

Melty’s best Heraldyske stien

Equipment CT recovery speed up

Melty has 5 star support equipment frame, so let’s attach Equipment CT recovery speed up ♪

Attack power up

Melty can also be used as an attacker, so Attack power up is also recommended ♪

How to use Melty

When to use Melty

  • “Arts” when used as a supporter
  • “True Arts” when used as an attacker
Let’s use properly ♪

Melty’s “Arts” is a hybrid Arts that can increase the firepower of all allies by increasing the attack power in addition to the Arts gauge total of 39 UP.

In Arts, the Arts gauge 39 UP has a very high rise rate, so you can promote the Arts gauge UP of all allies faster ♪

In addition, “True Arts” can be used as an attacker because the enemy’s damage taken can be increased by 50% and the fire power of all allies can be greatly increased.

If you are an enemy with fire attribute, you can impart fire attribute resistance, so it can be used as a little defender ♪

Let’s use it in the right place at the right place while changing how to use it at important places!

Should I strengthen my Melty?

Let’s raise as soon as Melty hits ♪

Basically, if you use it as a supporter in “Arts” and you are against enemies with high fire attribute, increase the survival rate of “True Arts” & increase the firepower to shorten the clear time while increasing the survival rate of allies A very versatile unit that can be used.

If you’re having trouble with your supporters, it’s definitely a good idea to add Melty for now, so let’s raise it if Melty hits!

Melty’s conclusion

  • Can be used as a supporter and attacker
  • Equipment that can increase Arts gauge ♪
  • Can be used with one pan
  • The recommended emblem is “Equipment CT recovery speed up”
  • When using Melty

      ・ When using as a supporter “Arts”
      ・ When using as an attacker “True Arts”
    Use properly
  • Let’s grow as soon as you hit ♪

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